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In my work I explore nonverbal sensorialities as ways of speaking;

Looking at constructed binaries, I harbour desires for translations and transformations of being. 

Social skins and support structures are built by fragile bodies, joining and consolidating mass.

We Other and are Othered; who defines what is accepted as sentience? 

Oppressions/ depressions/ press shape into interior & external forms;

one can yearn to transmute mundane pains. 

So I find myself looking towards change- everything that grows, mutates, adapts, evolves. 

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Weixin Quek Chong (she, they, 他) was born in Singapore and maintains an often mobile practice between Singapore and Madrid. 


Having completed studies in both the Royal College of Art, London and Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore, Xin has exhibited and worked in highly varied environments. They are a co-founder of online platform and were a co-founder of former independent platform soft/WALL/studs in Singapore, and work on both solo and collaborative projects nomadically. 


2014  MA Fine Arts, Printmaking, Royal College of Art, London 

2011  BA(Hons) Fine Arts (Printmaking), LASALLE College of Art, Singapore



2020   XXXI Circuitos de Artes Plásticas (Community of Madrid young artist award)


2019   NAC Young Artist Award (National Art Council of Singapore)


2018   President’s Young Talents Grand Prize (awarded by Singapore Art Museum)


2012   NAC Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship (National Art Council of Singapore)


2012   Tan Ean Kiam Postgraduate Scholarship (Tan Kah Kee Foundation) 


2011   McNally Award for Excellence in Art

          (LASALLE College of Art valedictorian award)


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