In my work I explore aesthetics, tactility and sensoriality as ways of speaking;

I like to look at constructed binaries;  valid / invalidated, micro / macro, masculine / feminine,

human / nonhuman ...and harbour desires for translations and transubstantiations of being. 

I like to observe the social skins and support structures that fragile bodies build and need.

We Other and are Othered; who defines what is accepted as sentience? 

I have a conflicted fascination with how oppression or pressure shape interiority as well as forms, but also a desire to transmute their mundane pains. 

This increasingly immerses me in questions of being, value structures and mutability- its promise, potential and frequent necessity to survival. 

I find myself looking toward everything that grows, mutates, evolves, transforms. 


Weixin Quek Chong was born in Singapore and maintains an often mobile practice between Singapore and Madrid. 


Having completed studies in both the Royal College of Art, London and Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore, Xin has exhibited and worked in highly varied environments. She is a co-founder of independent platform soft/WALL/studs in Singapore and works on both solo and collaborative projects nomadically.