My work explores aesthetics and dialectics of material as an alternative confrontation,

a language of the senses- tactility and visuality as a way of speaking;,

an awareness of the dismissed versus the monumental, the valid and the invalidated;

desires for inversion/subversion as a translation and transubstantiation of being. 

I am increasingly immersed in questions of being, of value structures and mutability- its promise, potential and frequent necessity to survival.

As fragile bodies, as entities who build and need social skins and support structures of environment,

I feel an innate empathy with the nonhuman, material and object, and a conflicted and fascinated desire to transmute it. 


Weixin Quek Chong was born in Singapore and is nomadic, frequently in transit between cities.


Having completed studies in both the Royal College of Art, London and Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore,

Xin has exhibited and worked on projects in highly varied environments.