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dress (v.) 

Early 14c.: make straight; direct, guide, control, prepare for cooking

from Old French dresserdrecier : raise (oneself), address, prepare, lift, raise, hoist, set up, arrange, set (a table), serve(food), straighten, put right


Sense of "decorate, adorn" is late 14c., as is that of "put on clothing."

Sous-vide/ 真空

“In French : sousvide, under emptiness. In Chinese : 真空, true emptiness.

Both of us are really into disappearance, decay, failure, disintegration, deliquesensce, regression, or the states of being that are considered as such. Loss is a good word to summarize all that.”


Clothing discarded in streets in Laeken/Scharbeek/Molenbeek in Brussels, and Charleroi, Belgium, was vacuum-packed by the artists to be presented in BAU 13: DRESS CODEX.


Quek & Cambrai's Brussels base is located within the vicinity of the Laeken/ Molenbeeck neighbourhoods, where the majority of the discarded clothing was gathered, with the exception of items found in Charleroi- the city with one of the most significant poverty rates in Europe after suffering economic devastations.


The work was subsequently presented in NTU-CCA Singapore with the main edition of 150 pieces shown in Italy, Summer 2016 as part of BAU ISSUE 13: DRESS CODEX. 

by Quek & Cambrai 


Brussels x Singapore collaboration with Pauline Cambrai Emond 

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