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gelled filters proxy glide 


An experimental environment made under Inter_mission's Sim Lim Square Art Residency, it is a gathering of elements accrued in Sim Lim, an old electronics and tech mall in Singapore, exploring themes of tech as prosthesis, avatars and theories of consciousness. 

A ghostly video of screen recordings from sessions moving around the mall by online proxy is projected on the ceiling. Gelled and fluid distortions of reflections in the large mirrored panels of the space refer to selfie filters and the development of a self-consciousness of individual identity widely tied to the invention of silvered glass mirrors. Touchscreen artefacts, security cameras; lubricant, hand-sanitizers and bondage accessories from the sex shop housed in the techno mall... various items hint at a tactilising of tech and the idea of alter-lives. 

*excerpt from the SLSAR publication can be found in PRESS

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