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sft crsh ctrl 


In sft crsh ctrl, a series of different works form a space in which textures and sounds play out in diffused disorientation. With reference to short forms of keyboard control as well as onomatopoeia, the title alludes to the desire for contingency plans as well as digital mediation of the senses. ASMR, a textural sound-

based stimulation sought after largely to relieve stress, was sampled in the soundtrack that ran through the space, creating a constant cadence. 

The translucent, layered latex sheeting in the three frame pieces veil bone, translucent night and translucent flesh  stretches and drapes to comprise the major element of these three screen-like fixtures partitioning the room, and are echoed by other ‘skins’ within- among which are the silk-printed details of a snake’s shed (slipping into smooth shed), the spectre of a silicone spill (spectre) and the fresh wilt of slightly crushed petals (softwarp) forming a set of three large textile pieces that billow down from the ceiling. 

Underlying hints of unease alongside tactile lusciousness and an atmospheric, precarious coexistence unite these objects within the environment of the installation.

Commissioned by the Singapore Art Museum, the installation won the President's Young Talents 2018 Grand Prize 

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