*in development

larval limbic is part of a new direction of work continuing from mantid hybrids,

looking at themes of morphing and evolutions, possibilities of gender(less) fluidity and new forms of sentience.


Its main references come from science fiction author Octavia Butler and the orchid mantis, an insect which has adapted to resemble orchids in what is known as ‘aggressive mimicry’.

Butler’s writing in her post-apocalyptic series Lilith’s Brood (composed of the three novels Dawn, Adulthood Rites, and Imago) describes a world where humanity struggles to adapt itself to its new environment by merging with alien species and taking on new forms. Intrigued by the drastic transformations insects such as the mantis undergo, I imagine it as a model for a possible hybrid being.

The sound of larval-stage creatures transitioning into their proximate form becomes the base for sound, video, actions and objects.