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detour pavilion


by Weixin Quek Chong, Luca Lum, Kin Chui, and Johann Yamin with design studio CURRENCY 

The Detour Pavilion was a temporary public installation commissioned by the Singapore Art Museum as part of the public event Night Fest 2019. Made of hand-painted panels designed with the collaboration of a local sign-painting business with decades of experience creating stages and signs for multicultural festival and trade events, it was designed to weave together traditional motifs as well as references from lesser known stories of its site location in Bras Basah- Bugis, while creating a passageway for people wandering through the Night Festival to explore. 

Taking references from the interior and under-facing areas of a getai stage (台) in popular vernacular entertainment, the installation also showcased videos made from image-generating deep dreaming programs.  

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