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8 m 00s portrait mode video, 2018

A video piece combining the movements of feet under latex with fourteen lines excerpted and recombined from the poet Sappho. 

Blending the spectre of the desired, desirer and desire with a cadence of laboured breath and insomnia-countering deep sea ASMR sounds.  


Some (foot)notes: 


*’Lotus foot’ was an epithet given to the 3-inch and above bound foot- result of the foot-binding practiced in Chinese culture for well over 9 centuries. An intimately brutal violence enacted within families by women on female young, the extreme nature of this practice did not stop it from being widely normalised in Chinese society, with economic, aesthetic, cultural and disciplinary reasons provided. 



*Vacuum bondage makes use of the particular qualities of latex to create a pressure-sealed experience around the body, both immobilising and compressing. In this heightened state, the bound subject becomes unusually alert to their senses, and breathing can sometimes become a laboured effort. It should never be undertaken alone. 

Link to vimeo formatted for landscape view:

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