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SUDOR & flores nativias 

SUDOR is a series created in the Molten Capital Artist Residency at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago.

The set of work is comprised of the flores nativias, three allugraphs (aluminium-plate lithographic images) of scanned arrangements of local wild plants, plant fragments and SUDOR , a painting made with Chilean manufactured nail polish on leather industry scrap waste.


SUDOR 's subject is the titular 2016 novel by Chilean author Alberto Fuguet describing life in Santiago's contemporary and queer creative scene, not too long after 2012 anti-discrimination laws take effect. 

Singapore's ongoing struggle for freedom of sexuality and gender expression was the subtext behind this source of personal inspiration as to how much realities can evolve when change is effected.

This and the forms of the local wild plants, uncultivated but thriving in rural Santiago as well as roadsides, is a small meditation on the quiet resistance of daily survival in a hostile, embattled landscape. 

My returns to using traditional printmaking are often reflections on deliberate archival or attention-giving; while large gestures of wider societal movements tumult around us the minute, observed and preserved sustain the contexts of our survival. 

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